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About us

URIL is highly experienced in manufacturing pipe seals for potable water and drainage & sewerage pipes. In addition , we produce industrial products and automotive components.


URIL is a leading and established company for manufacturing wide range of elastomeric moulding and extruded products since 1992 in U.A.E.

Wide Product Range

Our wide product range finds application in a variety of market sectors such as utilities, infrastructure, construction, automotive, plumbing and industrial/OEM, applicances to name a few. Equipped with extensive manufacturing capabilities of rubber moulding, our manufacturing processes are flexible enough to adapt to your requirements and standards.

Today, our customer base is spread across Middle East, Asia, Europe, Australia and Africa. For more than two decades, customers have been drawn by our quality, efficiency and competitive price and have stayed for the services. We are experienced in handling a wide variety of elastomers for a diverse range of industries.

Our sealing solutions are suited for both high & low pressure pipes, oil resistant high pressure parts for the automobile oil filters and any other custom requirement of various industries.


Working hard in hand with its customers we develop products for specific requirements and solutions that really work. Our commitment to quantity not only focuses on supplying technical products with the highest standards.


Known for providing its customers with outstanding service, we have built our reputation as an on-time and dependable partner over the decades.

At URIL, all products are manufactured using a quality management system approved by BSI and conforming to BS EN ISO9001.

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