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"URIL manufactures a vast range of gaskets & seals suitable for use in automobile oil & air filters. It is suitably compounded to comply with ASTM standards and serves well for lubricating oil seal applications for continuous automotive service at temperatures in the range of 125 - 130°c."

There is no better destination for acquiring Automotive Components than URIL as we manufacture these parts using quality tested elastomeric grades like nitrile butadiene rubber compound and basically comply with specification D2000 M5BG707A14B14E034.

The range of Automotive Components includes rectangular profile flat seals of varying thicknesses, moulded gaskets of different dimensions and shapes, anti-drain valves and grommets of various sizes. The seals are manufactured as per customer design, specifications and standards.

High capacity moulding machines, multi cavity tools, cryogenic tumbling and high speed cutting machines ensure that we are geared to mass-manufacture at high production rates thus giving the customer economies of scale. This has made URIL a top-notch Automotive Components Manufacturer.


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