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“ With a modern manufacturing facility equipped with extruders, preformers, modern presses, finishing equipment and state-of- the-art laboratory, URIL is geared to meet your most demanding requirements and specifications.”


Raw rubbers has few uses in their natural state. To achieve the desired range of properties, it must be combined with a range of additives. The additives in a rubber compound are as follows:

  • • Curatives
  • • Accelerators
  • • Reinforcing Fillers
  • • Fillers
  • • Plasticizers
  • • Anti-Oxidants/Anti-Ozonants

The key to making reliable and consistently high quality rubber parts is in selecting and then preparing the raw rubber to achieve the required properties. To impart the desired properties, the raw rubber has to be combined with a range of additives. The selection and precise & skillful mixing of appropriate additives is known as compounding. URIL's experience & expertise in compounding provides our customers reliable rubber parts - always.

Compounds are formulated from a variety of polymers including natural rubber, EPDM, SBR, Nitrile and Polychloroprene to meet a series of complex specifications. Although, we have compounds suitable for customers’ needs, our experience in polymer engineering enables the development of new compounds to meet special requirements.


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